Building Resilience

Our Perspectives

"We want to create a town where young people's voices are nurtured, where people dare to sing, dance and find unique ways of expressing who they are and understand that they can change the world."

Khalid Ali, Chair of Luton Tigers

What We Believe How this relates to practice

Children and young people are filled with capacity, realised or unrealised, for health transformation and change.

The strength of education is our ability to see the promise in children rather than the risk

Whilst we recognise that risk exists we focus more on the human capacity for empathy and understanding of others.

Our work in schools empowers young people to find their voice and support one another to tell stories of the world they want to create

Stories are the veins of life, the stories we tell ourselves and others are the growth of our personalities and being.

Everyone has a story to tell and all we have to do is listen.

A good story can make you laugh, cry and shout for joy. It can also confuse and bemuse you and cause you to hate.

Our work explores the psychology of influence and empowers children to shape stories of the world they want to create

Motivating the internal desire to change within individuals is more effective than confronting ideologies head on.

People are ready to change when they recognise the potential to change.

Both within our group work and in our one to one mentoring sessions we focus on listening to people’s stories, developing empathy and enabling people to discover their own capacity to change.

Effective enterprise to deal with critical social problems is based less on long term plans and studies than on talented individuals with energy and perseverance.

Individuals lead change more than plans or models.

Our community development work as well as our workshops in schools emphasise that we are all agents of change – the stories we tell about ourselves and others, how we relate and act, all shape our world – we just need to recognise that deciding to do something isn’t the same as doing it.

The variety of our skin tones can confuse, bemuse, delight, brown and pink and beige and purple, tan and blue and white.

We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike.

Our work promotes a belief in the wonder of human diversity but an understanding that we are one Human family.

Within schools we use the poem The Human family by Maya Angelou as an opening to explore this concept in the classroom.

Shared narratives aimed at influencing individuals to reject ideological and other forms of violence towards the other is effective in building resilience in individuals

We are Luton.

At the heart of our approach is building critical thinking skills, empathy and emotional intelligence.

We work towards building shared values and narratives defined around our common identity as Lutonians

Building Resilience


Our Prevent Offer

Our Prevent Offer for primary and secondary schools provide a PHSCE curriculum for pupils in years 3 to 6 and years 7 -11 and consists of a bespoke curriculum aimed at building critical thinking about our self and the choices we make and the world we want to create

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Making a difference

We offer schools the option of working with us to write and deliver end of year performances with pupils using ballet, dance, drama, and spoken word to explore controversial issues.

We provide motivational speakers that tell personal and inspiring stories that challenge young people to believe they can achieve.

We provide workshops and targeted interventions for young people at risk of engaging in negative activities or vulnerable to being exploited by negative influencers.

We provide sports coaches and sessions to enable children to develop leadership and teamwork skills.

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