We are Luton

We are Luton

Luton is a place with a rich tradition of activism and self help. More than anything else Luton is made up of Lutonians who love their town – but we have allowed a minority of voices to dominate people’s perception of the Luton we love, Sadly too many Lutonian eye other communities with fear and mistrust rather than curiosity and intrigue. We believe we can change this.

We Are Luton

Drowning Out Extremist Fueled Hatred

Lutonians United

We are Luton is a campaign that explores the unique way people unite as Lutonians.

We are Luton seeks to drown extremist fueled hatred with an idea that in Luton we may all be radically different yet we are fundamentally the same and connected through our Lutonian identity.

We are a town whose people believe they can change the world because we are Luton.

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